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eScrip Program


Kathleen Daniels

Q: What is eScrip

A: A program to help non-profit organizations raise money. You obtain a card, use it every time you make a purchase at Schnucks and the club gets a percentage of the transaction up to 3%.

Q: Why are we doing this?

A. Help the club offset operation costs and keep registration fees down.

Q: How do I get an eScrip card?

A. Your team coordinator will be getting each family a card. If you need more cards please contact Kathleen Daniels or Stacey Freshman at

Q: Who is ESI?

A: ESI (Electronic Scrip Inc.) is a California-based corporation dedicated to establishing relationships between commerce and community to provide resources to organizations that support children. ESI's board and officers include individuals with diverse backgrounds which include computer technology, banking systems, marketing, accounting, and the nonprofit sector. ESI has developed state-of-the-art technology for administration of the eScrip program. ESIs program and systems have met the strict requirements of participating merchants in the areas of safety, security, and confidentiality.

Q: How does the eScrip program work?

A: 1. Supporters register their existing grocery loyalty, Debit, ATM, and credit cards online at, or by mailing the eScrip registration form. 2. Supporters use their registered cards when paying for merchandise at participating merchants. (Visit for participating merchant locations, and cards accepted by each merchant.) 3. The participating merchant contributes a percentage of the sale to your group.

Q: Is there any cost to our school/group to enroll in the eScrip Program?

A: There is no up front cost to your group. An administration fee will be deducted from your supporters/contributions each month. eScrip has found this to be the most effective way for groups to generate a large number of supporters. eScrip retains 15% of a groups total monthly contribution per month (see explicit details at

Q: How often will our organization receive our contributions?

A: Contributions will be automatically deposited into your groups designated checking account monthly. You can expect this deposit along with supporter contribution report posting approximately 90 days after month end. Your group and supporters may access detailed monthly eScrip activity information on the eScrip website at

Q: Can parents sign up extended family and friends who live out of the state or area?

A: Yes, the growing list of merchants includes participants from across the United States. Your supporters/parents can direct their extended families and friends to sign up online at or send a registration form to them for their registration into the program. Current merchant lists and program information can be accessed via our web site at



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