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Volunteer and Concession Checks will be given back to your coordinator at the end of the month that you work.

Stacey Michel


The Volunteer Corner is the place for all club members to get information on our volunteer programs.  Without volunteers we would not be able to keep the club going as we know it. Thank you for all your hard work!

Volunteer Opportunities and Sign Up:

Below you will find a link to our online volunteer scheduling system. You can use the calendar to find and sign up for upcoming events. Some are already full and some I still need volunteers for.

Please note the calendar only displays events for the next 90 days. There will be many more events through out the year.

You do not need to fill out the volunteer hours reporting forms the lead at the event will email me to let me know if you completed your hours.

  Online Volunteer Scheduling (New link 3/17/14)
***NOTE: The volunter website currently does not work well with Internet Explorer***




Questions and Answers

Why a Volunteer Program?

The continued success of MHC is dependent on the volunteer efforts of its members.  The program is not a way to increase fees but to increase volunteers to maintain our fee structure and the quality of the club.

Who Participates?

All MHC families with a skater at the 6U, 8U, Squirt, Pee Wee, or Bantam levels are required to fulfill a 4 hour volunteer, and 4 hour concession commitment. All HIP families need to fullfill 4 volunteer either by working in the concession stand or doing check in for HIP.

I have more than one child with MHC; Do I need to volunteer 4 hours for each child?

NO, the 8 hour requirement is per family regardless of the number of skaters.

What is required to earn 4 volunteer hours?

Sign up throughout the season for various events that need volunteers.  Here are a few ways to fulfill your commitment.  Volunteering as a Head Coach or Coordinator, help with Evaluations, Picture Day, End of Season Playoffs, Ice Blast Tournament, Shark Dance, Clinics throughout the season, Golf Tournament, etc., any Approved MHC Activities or work an extra concession stand shift. .

Do I have to work all 4 hours at once?

 No, you can fulfill your requirement by working for an hour or two at a time or you can work all at one event.

What if I am unable to fulfill my commitment?

If you are unable to fulfill your volunteer requirement before the end of the regular season, your check will be cashed.

What if I still have questions?

Contact the Volunteer Director at

What do I have to do to complete my concession stand hours?

During the season you will need to sign up to work 4 hours in the concession stand, if you cannot work your hours you must find another shark family to cover your shift, anyone who does not show up for their shift will have their check cashed.


  • Head Coach
  • Coordinators
  • Working a scheduled event coordinated by volunteer director


  • Timekeeper (unless for Tournament)
  • Scorekeeper (unless for Tournament)
  • Non Board Approved Activities

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